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Vahid Fallahzadeh

Hi, I should win the trip Becuase I am not from this earth, I'm from EARTH 2 and I want to know myself.

I hate people of this earth and I want to go back to my home soon.

I miss my home and I want to be there.

I remember that I thought about another Earth when I was about 5 years old and I all the time await someone or something to take me home at night when I'm in sleep.

I wish every night to be wake up in morning on the other earth, the EARTH 2 but unfortunaly it's 30 years that no one come and no one go.

I want to travel out of this planet.

I've always felt like I need to get out and explore.

Maybe get my eyes open to another truth, reality.

New dimensions and frontiers.I have a relatively happy life here on this earth.

But I keep wondering what's in other momentums of space-time.I would be willing to do this trip for the sake of science, truth and knowledge.

Yours sincerely.Pedro

Erik Cendelín

Hello, my name is Erik.

I don't have any noble reason to visit EARTH 2.

I have no idea if the " flight tickets " are limited.. if that is true, there has to be person more suited to be chosen.

I often wonder what is the meaning of life..

Why are we here?

Are we just product of the evolution?

There are so many theories..

Perhaps visiting EARTH 2 will help to answer some of my questions.

I wonder if the Other me made same life choises as i did..

Does he have the same uneventful life as I do..?

Is it exact same reality or does it differ?

I always wanted to play a music instrument but i never got myself to buy some.

Does the Other me play one?

I often see myself playing guitar in my dreams.

Are dreams really just our imagination?

What dreams does the Other me have?

I would love to ask him.

Am I crazy for believing that there is more out there than just the EARTH we know?

Perhaps i will find the answer one day or perhaps I will not.

Do dreams come true?

dilly dingus

I've been working for robin at his McDonalds store for over one year now, and I believe that I should be Fultoned into the next earth as well. honestly really glad they announced this, because the other day my uncle was like, "if earth is so good, why is there no EARTH 2????" and I was like "This is so sad.

Alexa, play despacito." and then I cried for an hour.

But when I realized they announced earth 2, I was ecstatic.

I could now be myself!

I now could align my future with this earth.

I need to wake up.

I need to become me.

Help me wake up.

I cant feel anymore.

I want to align with my own body.

Where am I?

Its dark.

Please help me.

I'm scared.

I'm scared of the unknown.

This isn't what I wanted.


Help me.

I'm scared.

Why do the eyes in the walls keep looking at me?

Where are the eyes?

I cant scream.

I cant.

The fingers are getting closer.

Help me.

I want to scream.

Stephanie Adamo

I honestly have not done or achieved anything special in this life to say I "deserve" a free flight to Earth 2.

I am just 1 of 6 billion people on this Earth.

Maybe I am 1 of 12 billion people on Earth 2.

There are so many unknowns that it is quite thought provoking and intriguing on every level possible.

Every question I have about this Earth and this life and the history of life of Earth here can be quantified.

I would be just as curious as finding myself on Earth 2 as I would be trying to find answers that could be resourceful on our Earth.

Or lets assume Earth 2 is completely different from what the scientists thought.

Nobody would know besides myself and the other winners of the flight to Earth 2.

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